Sunday, May 12, 2013

5th Grade Keepsake Boxes

Another Mother's Day project, this one by our oldest students.  By now the students have had ceramic experience using the pinch and coil methods, and most have at least witnessed pottery constructed on a wheel.  This project gives them a little experience with slab construction, as the lid, bottom, and walls of these keepsake boxes are made from 3/8 inch clay slab pieces.  Even though Pueblo Indian Maria Martinez didn't employ this particular method, I also use the unit as an opportunity to teach the students about her, as she is considered one of the great North American potters, and her story is a fascinating one.  Showing the students videos of Maria's methods and discussing her work are also good means of following up last year's lesson on the rock art of the ancient Anasazi, Maria's ancestors.    

Gotta love this creativity!

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