Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fundraiser Time

Students have begun creating their artwork for our annual Square One Art fundraiser.  For those new to the school, this is the Art Room's primary means of funding for all the supplies we need to carry out an enriching art program at HES.  Students create art that can be professionally and permanently printed on a huge variety of gift items, and a portion of the price charged to parents goes back to the Art Room budget.  Many parents have found these items to be great stocking stuffers for relatives and even the students themselves.   

The hard part for me, aside from using lesson time for this kind of art creation, is convincing the students to create art that will appeal to their parent and grandparents, not just to them.  I usually have to explain that while they may like to draw graphic war battles or video game characters, this doesn't necessarily mean that Mom and Dad would appreciate a coffee mug, holiday ornament, or tote bag with explosions or Minecraft on it!  Start looking in early October for more information on ordering, and thanks in advance for your support of this important fundraiser.

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