Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HES Art on TV!

A few of our kindergarteners cupcakes ended up on WNCN's "Cool School of the Day" segment this morning.  Even Mr. O got a mention, albeit with the usual butchering of his name (no problem, Bill -- I'm used to it!)  Click on the pic above to link to the clip.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

HES Art on Display at the OCS Central Office

Just a note to let parents know that the month of September will feature art by Dolphin artists in the School Board Meeting Room at the OCS Central Office.  Some of the students were a little disappointed to find out they wouldn't be taking their art home until after the upcoming break, but they understand that I think highly enough of their work to want to show it off to as much of Orange County as possible!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Poetry about Paintings

Using an easy-to-formulate cinquain or diamante structure, Ms. Richmond's third grade class, Ms. Lovingood's fourth graders, and Ms. Russell's fifth grade class tried their hand at poems about famous artworks this week.  This is a great lesson for letting students look a little more deeply at some artworks they may not have been exposed to, as well as for reinforcing the parts of speech (nouns, verbs, and adjectives).  Here are a few samples along with the artworks that inspired them.

 The Gulf Stream, Winslow Homer
Cinquain by Michael A.
Broken, small.
Tired marooned slave,
Lonely, tired, sad, mad.

The Dance Class, Edgar Degas

Diamante by Elizabeth P.
Serious, tall.
Waiting, standing, relevaing.
Reflection, point, shoes, tutus.
Tying, watching, talking.
White, satin

Room at Arles, Vincent Van Gogh
Diamante by Tabitha M.
Still, empty.
Waiting, breathing, reflecting.
Pictures, window, bed, blanket.
Sleeping, comforting, remembering.
Blue, full
Freedom from Want, Norman Rockwell
Diamante by Gavin C.
Happy, loud
Smiling, waiting, serving.
Table, plate, family, food.
Speaking, placing, dining.
Joyful, wealthy