Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fourth Grade "The Scream" Parodies

Artwork by Ryan R.
This lesson allowed me to introduce fourth graders to the concept of art parody while also giving us an opportunity to learn about the inspiration and history behind Edvard Munch's famous "The Scream" (originally titled "The Shriek of Nature"). The lesson itself was relatively straightforward: students were to mimic Munch's colors (on a line drawing verson of the painting printed on cardstock) as closely as possible in marker, oil pastel, or crayon.  While they worked on their backgrounds, I shot photos of them in "scream" position.  At home I edited the photos to crop out the background and shrink them to a size that would just cover the figure in the original painting.  The next week, they finished their backgrounds, cut and glued themselves into the paiinting, and placed it on a construction paper "frame" complete wiith faux wood-grain to give it a "masterpiece" look.
Artwork by Charlotte C.

Artwork by Kaylee F.

Artwork by Evelyn F.

Artwork by Hannah D.

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