Sunday, November 24, 2013

Second Grade Leaf Prints with Pastel Outlines

Artwork by Carly W.
Emphasizing the difference between real texture and implied texture in art, I showed the second graders how one can become the other through carefully printing with a textured object - in this case leaves.  The students carefully brushed white tempura paint onto the vein side - the side with the most texture - of different kinds and sizes of leaves, placed them on black 12x18 inch construction paper, and then transfered the print onto the paper by placing a piece of scrap over the leaf and rubbing. I asked the students to try and improve their prints with each attempt, taking into account how much paint they were using, how hard they were pressing, etc, with the goal of producing prints that really showed the texture of the leaf.  I also asked them to consider the overall balance of their compositions.  On a second day, the students outlined their leaves with thick, concentric lines of soft pastel in either a warm or cool color scheme.  I wish we'd had had more time to fully develop this second part of the lesson, but then I'm always wishing for more time with my artists.

Artwork by Rowen M.

Artwork by Lochlan M.

Artwork by Asa R.

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