Sunday, February 24, 2013

More Impressionist Flowers

Just had to add a few more images, as I thought these artists really captured what we were trying to do with this lesson.
Artwork by Cailyn T.

Artwork by Sophia B.
Artwork by Caitlyn L.

Artwork by Abbey A.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

5th Grade Impressionist Flowers

Artwork by Nate F.
Fifth graders are learning about Claude Monet and the famous Impressionists.  On day one, after studying some of Monet's most important works, they use tempura block paints to loosely "dab" a variety of flower blossoms and quickly add some stems.  On the second day of the project, they add a little more detail to their flowers with fine ink pens and then add a darker color value to their blossoms and stems to simulate shadowed areas.  The students seem very happy about how easily this "impressionistic" style gets their subject across.

Artwork by Molly W.
Artwork by Meredith B.
Artwork by Lexi L.
Artwork by David M.

Kindergarten Hearts and Patterns


As a one-day, Valentine's-oriented project, kindergarteners learned (a little) about using color and line to emphasize a subject and created these simple watercolored hearts on a field of different patterns of their choosing.

Artwork by Sierra G.

Artwork by Sophia T.
Artwork by Tayla N.