Sunday, April 14, 2013

3rd Grade Styrofoam Plate Prints

 Prints by Jackie W.

After discussing the differences between printmaking and painting or drawing, third graders are using 4x6 inch styrofoam sheets to create these beautiful sheets of prints in a simple pattern of two colors.  The styrofoam sheets allow the students to create their designs simply by pressing them into the styrofoam with a dulled pencil.  Some students made two printing plates using a pair of matched or opposite designs, like the "Rain" and "Sun" design below.  

 Prints by Harrison N.
 Print detail by Shalo S.

4th Grade Linocut Print Cards

Linocut print by Bradley W.

Fourth graders are learning more about printmaking, this time using easy-to-cut linoleum blocks to create printed Mother's Day cards. (I have to start this project a bit early in order for all my fourth graders to complete it in time for the holiday!)  We watch a fascinating short video about how playing cards were printed during the Renaissance using woodblock prints.  Then, after drawing their designs, students use linocut tools to carve their designs into 3x4 inch linoleum blocks.  The blocks are inked with a brayer, and students make 2 or 3 practice prints before finally printing their actual card onto cardstoock.

Linocut print by Terri L.

Linocut print by Nicol A.

Linocut print by Sienna K.