Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thank You!

As the Octrober 28 deadline for Square 1 Art orders approaches, I want to thank everyone who has supported HES Art with their purchase of gift items.  As I said before, the money from this fundraiser goes a long way toward helping the Art Room stay stocked with the kinds of supplies we use on an almost daily basis, and it enables us to purchase special items that are part of some new and unique art learning opportunities.  Thanks again for all your support!

Friday, October 18, 2013

1st Grade (Exploding) Hamburger Collages

Artwork by Tayla N.
More than anything, this lesson was simply a fun exercise in scissor and glue work - great for fine motor skills.  Just various colors of construction paper on a black background.  Students were encouraged to put anything they wanted on their burgers but to try to cut their shapes as realistically as possible and add appropriate extra details with sharpies.  Most students stuck with the basics of bun, burger, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and mustard and ketchup, though a few got a bit more creative, including one first grader who put hot dogs on his burger. Hey, why not?
Artwork by Rosie G.
Artwork by Chloe P.
Artwork by Chloe Jane P.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

4th Grade Cityscapes

Artwork by Desi P.
Fourth graders are finishing up these cityscapes that they began before the fall break.  The lesson offers an opportunity to learn about the art principle of contrast -- in this case between the warm and cool colors (students chose one family for the buildings and one for their sky) and between the hard angles of the skyscrapers and the soft curves of the concentric circles around their suns (or moons).  The students also get exposed to the idea of perspective, particularly the "worm's eye" view of these buildings and what that means for the shape of their windows and other details.  

Artwork by Sophie P.

Artwork by Ryan R.

Artwork by Hannah D.

Square 1 Art Fundraiser Time

By now you should have seen a packet containing a set of stickers for your child along with information about how to order your child's artwork professionally printed on a variety of gift items.  A portion of the money you spend on these items comes back to the art room, making up the most important source of funding for art supplies for the year.  Many of the items make excellent holiday gifts for grandma and grandpa, that favorite aunt or uncle, or even the child who created the artwork.

If it sounds like I'm begging, that's because I am.  As I'm sure you are all aware, times are tight for school budgets, and we are already getting word that one chunk of money we usually get as art teachers may not materialize this year.  So many thanks in advance for any Square 1 Art purchases you decide to make!