Saturday, January 18, 2014

3rd Grade Paint Swatch Cityscapes

Artwork by Lillian W.
Using typical hardware store paint swatches, the 3rd graders created skyscrapers in a variety of heights and "architectural styles." The swatches offer a good lesson in the art principle of color value, as well as tints and shades, and the students use the different values on the swatches to their advantage by putting the darker shades at "street" level and the lighter tints at the tops of their buildings.  They glue the swatches to a watercolor background sky and add details in the form of windows, doors, and various flying objects -- some unidentified!

Artwork by Zach D.

Artwork by Sydney R.

Artwork by Isabel J.

Artwork by Isaac A.

Artwork by Hyung Jun A.

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