Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kindergarten Fingerprint Birds

Artwork by Cale K.
This is a good lesson for introducing the concept of printmaking to our youngest students, simply by using the easiest printing plate we have -- our finger.  I show the students how to turn a fingerprint into a bird by adding a simple beak, eye, wings, tail, and feet, then we all start by drawing a couple telephone poles with wires strung between them.  I have to tell the kinders to start with just ten birds; otherwise, they tend to want to just put fingerprints all over their paper, without any time left for turning them into birds.  I also encourage them to see if they can finish their artwork and only have one finger with ink on it.  Good luck with that!  I'm sure some of you parents saw the results of these efforts on your kindergarteners fingers (both hands, including thumbs) last week!  I especially love the details the students choose to add to their scene!
Artist unknown ("No Name - No Fame"), but it was too cute not to include.
Detail -- love the water fountain, worm, and bee! 

Artwork by Megan G. 

Artwork by Abigail B.

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