Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kindergarten "Sole" Pendants

It's now safe to reveal that our kinders spent their past two art sessions making these pendants for their moms, grandmothers, or other special people for Mother's Day.  (I apologize for the lateness of these gifts -- I wasn't aware I'd be missing the kinder classes one week while they practiced for their recent end-of-the-year performance.)  These are a great way to discover the patterns and textures to be found in the most unlikely place: the soles of the students' shoes.  Using either their own or another child's shoe that they seek out in the classroom, the students press balls of air-dry clay (abut the size of a large marble) onto an area of interesting texture of their choosing.  Mr. O pokes the holes in each pendant, and the following week the students paint the pendants with metallic acrylic paints using small brushes.  I'm going to be very disappointed in our dolphin moms if I don't see these hanging from many a neck this week!

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