Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kindergarten Monets

Artwork by Grant M. (We talked about how the lilies in front would be bigger and those in back smaller, and Grant really pulled off that sense of space.  Great work, Grant!)

For their last unit of the year, our kindergartners learned about the Impressionist painter Claude Monet and created these awesome versions of their own Waterlilies.  After talking a bit about how someone becomes famous often just by doing something in their own, different way, we read the book, The Magical Garden of Claude Monet.  The story is about a girl and her dog who visit Monet in the garden where he created his most famous works.  Then the students draw their lily pads and waterlilies using simple shapes and lines and color them in with oil pastels.  When we meet for the second day of this lesson, we watch a nicely produced kids' video featuring Monet in his garden entitled In Winter Still.  Then the kinders paint over their lilies with a wash of blue, green, and violet liquid watercolor paints.  (We make the liquid watercolors by soaking our used up markers in water.)  I think the results are really beautiful and would make Monet proud!

Artwork by Wyatt H.

Artwork by Dekayla T.

Artwork by Maci  (Another work with an added sense of space - nice work!)

Artwork by Alex B.

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  1. I love these too! I have been trying to find a waterlilies project for my students that seems worthy of Monet and I think you've done it here :)