Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fourth Grade Linocut Print Cards

Artwork by Shalo S.

Printmaking is one of my favorite activities to teach, and the students seem to love the idea of working in a medium that allows them to repeat (and improve on) the same artwork.  We begin this lesson by watching a brief video of Chapel Hill printmaker Bill Fick at work in his studio.  Linoprints, like the ones made by Mr. Fick, are technically prints made from a design carved from linoleum.  However, we use a rubber material that is softer and easier for the students to cut with our lino knives (small v-shaped blades that cut grooves into the material).  

Students draw a simple design on paper, then transfer it to a small (3" x 4") piece of the rubber material to create a printing plate.  They ink these plates with a brayer (a small, hand-held roller) and then press the plate onto a folded piece of cardstock to make a hand-printed card.  Students have an opportunity to create several cards in different colors, ideally making better prints as they get the hang of how much ink to use, how hard to press the plate, etc.  Many of the students made Mother's and Father's Day cards.  (My apologies for the lateness of the Mother's Day cards! Darn those field trips and field days that take my artists away!)
Artwork by Nick N.

Artwork by Rawlins T.

Artwork by Ryan R.

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