Saturday, August 16, 2014

4th Grade Complementary Color Abstracts

Artwork by Megan M.

I''ll probably file this particular project under "disasters," but at least it gave our fourth graders an opportunity to apply what they learned about complementary or "opposite" colors earlier this quarter.  Students drew 8-10 basic shapes across their paper and then traced their hand across their shapes.  They chose a complementary color pair and labeled each shape or portion of a shape before painting so that no adjacent shapes would be the same color.  This planning part of the exercise proved to be a big challenge, as did working with smaller paint brushes to paint the smaller areas neatly.  I'm very proud of the students who were able to plan and paint a work that stuck to these requirements, but it turned out to be a bit too much of a challenge for the average 4th grader!

Artwork (in progress) by Madison O.
Artwork by Jack P.

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