Sunday, October 26, 2014

5th Grade One-Point Perspective Drawings

Artwork by Rawlins T.

One way artists convey space is by using perspective.  Fifth graders took a crack at perspective by creating these one-point perspective drawings, learning how to construct their perspectives using a horizon line, vanishing point, and multiple guidelines.  They also studied how one-point perspective was used in DaVinci's The Last Supper and other Renaissance paintings.  In this lesson, I de-emphasized the realism of the student's details (for example, letting them know that "lollipop" trees were perfectly acceptable), preferring instead that they concentrated on learning how perspective works to show space or depth.  One rewarding aspect of this lesson was noting how some students who aren't necessarily adept at more "freewheeling" types of art quickly adapted to this more "mechanical" type of drawing.  Maybe some future architects and engineers were born!

Artwork by Desi P.

Artwork by James C.

Artwork by Tory P.

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