Saturday, December 6, 2014

2nd Grade Leaf (and Sponge) Prints

Artwork by Carly C.

Emphasizing the difference between real texture and implied texture in art, I showed the second graders how one can become the other through carefully printing with a textured object - in this case leaves.  The students carefully brushed white tempura paint onto the vein side - the side with the most texture - of different kinds and sizes of leaves, placed them on black 12 by 18 inch construction paper, and then transferred the paint onto the paper by placing a piece of scrap over the leaf and rubbing. I asked the students to try and improve their prints with each attempt, taking into account how much paint they were using, how hard they were pressing, etc, with the goal of producing prints that really showed the texture of the leaf.  I also asked them to consider the overall balance of their compositions.  On a second day, the students surrounded their leaves with fall colors applied by printing (since this was meant to be strictly a printing project) with pieces of sponges.

Artwork by Jada L.

Artwork by Alex G.

Artwork by Eben P.

Artwork by Madeline D.

Artwork by Fluery N.


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