Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Endangered Species Poster Contest

1st Place Poster by Coby A. (Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel)

The results are in for our Endangered Species Poster Contest.  Special thanks to Ms. Sarah McRae, the HES mom and North Carolina Endangered Species Biologist, who not only brought the contest to my attention, but who also helped Dr. Swainey, Ms. Hamlett, and myself with the judging.  In all, we had 119 posters entered and raised a lot of awareness of the plight of endangered species in North Carolina and the rest of the world.  

First place went to fifth grader Coby A. of Ms. Beneville's class.  Third grader Maggie S. of Mr. Nelson's won second place, and Rawlins T. of Ms. Lovingood's fifth grade class took third. Honorable mentions were earned by fifth graders Evelyn F. and Kaylee F., and by third grader Don W.  Coby's first place poster has now been sent to the North Carolina Zoo to be judged along with entries from throughout the state. Good luck, Coby! 

2nd Place Poster by Maggie S. (Leatherback Sea Turtle)

3rd Place Poster by Rawlins T. (Cheetah)

Honorable Mention, Don W. (American Alligator)

Honorable Mention, Evelyn F. (Ocelot)

Honorable Mention, Kaylee F. (African Elephant)

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