Saturday, February 22, 2014

1st Grade Owl Collages

Artwork by Chloe Jane P.

I've been introducing the first graders to the art element of texture by having them create these owl collages with real texture.  It helps to look at various images of owls and other animals and have the students use good texture words to describe how the animal might feel.  Later, they'll learn how some artworks just look like they have texture (what artists call "implied" texture).

Artwork by Kale K.

Artwork by Tayla N.

Kindergarten Kandinskys

Artwork by Annaleigh B.
Kinders have been investigating Wassily Kandinsky's famous Squares with Concentric Circles and trying their own hand at combining various colors in the same visual format.  This is a great lesson to not only familiarize the students with a famous work of abstract art, but also to build their confidence with watercolors, challenge their fine motor skills, and allow them to experience firsthand what happens as colors combine and how certain color combinations have more "oomph" than others.  When all of the classes have completed this painting, I'll display a number of them together as one giant, colorful work of art!
Wassily Kandinsky, Squares with Concentric Circles, 1913

Artwork by Grant M.

Artwork by Jubilee S.

Partner Drawing Game

With a few classes ahead of the rest of their grade due to the recent snow days, I've spent a class or two playing a drawing game the kids love.  Each student folds a piece of drawing paper "hamburger style" and draws a head and face -- ANY kind of head and face -- on one side of the fold, making sure that the neck of their head ends up at the crease and that they indicate with a couple marks where the body should join up.  I give them only a few minutes for the drawing before they get up and trade with a partner who hasn't seen their head.  Back at their seats, the students draw a body that connects to the "neck marks" without knowing what kind of head lies on the other side of the fold.  After a few minutes, we count down and open the papers to reveal some pretty funny and bizarre combinations!