Saturday, March 7, 2015

2nd Grade Value Silhouette Scenes

Artwork by Maggie S.

In art, the element of value means different tints (light values) and shades (darker values) of one hue or color created by adding either white or black.  These artworks by our 2nd graders employ values of blue to create a background resembling a moonlit sky or a sun as seen from beneath the surface of the sea.  Our tints are actually created in reverse: students add increasing amounts of blue to their white paint to go from the white of their sun or moon to the darkest tints at the edges of their paper. On a second day, I let them choose from tracers of owls, coyotes, or sharks, which they trace and cut from black construction paper to create a scene silhouetted against their skies or oceans.  As they create their final compositions, I stress the principle of balance.  These examples show some great eyes for it!

Artwork by Zoe P.

Artwork by Addie P.

Artwork by Carl K.

Artwork by Cassidy B.

Artwork by Lakshman B.

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