Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kindergarten Up, Up, and Away Colors

Artwork by Rebekah (purple dinosaur)

This was a quick lesson for reviewing our primary colors and how they mix to make the secondary colors.  Kinders drew four overlapping balloons and colored them in the order red, yellow, blue, and red, making sure to leave the overlapping parts uncolored.  Using the color wheel (and what we have already learned during our color mixing lesson in the fall), the students filled in the overlapping balloon parts with the appropriate secondary color.  Then they were free to draw something - anything - that their balloons were carrying away.  One of my favorites was the picture one student drew of her balloons carrying away a...shirt!?

Artwork by Ben (a house above the city)

Artwork by Julian (primary colored ninjas!)

Artwork by Will (a duck-friendly elephant)

Artwork by Lily (Queen Elsa)

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