Saturday, August 8, 2015

Kindergarten Cupcakes

Artwork by Quinn

After creating abstract art with basic lines and shapes last week (see previous post), this lesson emphasized how simply combining several kinds of simple lines can also create something realistic and familiar, too.   The kinders used horizontal ("flat"), diagonal ("slanted"), and zig-zag lines for the cupcake cup, a "bumpy" line for the frosting, and a couple of curved lines for the cherry and its stem.  Students then colored sprinkles, the cup, and their cherry with crayons and painted their background with the liquid watercolors I make from my dried out markers.  The kids seemed pretty amazed that they could create such a realistic cupcake!  (Many thanks to Mrs. Seitz for the basis of this lesson.)

For other teachers reading about this lesson, one key this year that made these a little more successful for the kinders was asking them to trace their pencil lines in sharpie and keep their frosting white (i.e. unpainted). Some did and some didn't, but I've found that when they only use pencil and paint their entire paper, the cupcake usually gets a little lost among all the blending colors.

Artwork by Natalie

Artwork by Sophie

Artwork by Molly

Artwork by Journey

Artwork by Andrew (Way to fill up the space!)

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