Sunday, November 8, 2015

3rd Grade Haunted House Silhouettes

Artwork by Maggie

I think silhouettes are a great way to illustrate the importance of negative spaces in some artworks, and what better subject to show in silhouette this time of year than haunted houses.  I leave a page worth of Google images showing these kinds of silhouettes on the Smartboard for ideas and inspiration while students draw their houses on a 9x12 sheet of drawing paper.  They are encouraged to add other details like tombstones, trees, fences, ghosts, etc., remembering that anything they add must be recognizable from its shape alone.  Once drawn, they fill in everything on their page except their windows and sky with Sharpie.  (I have a supersized black marker that I use on parts of some students' drawings in order to speed up this part of the work, especially if they've drawn their house particularly large.)  After the silhouettes are completed, students color in their windows with yellow or orange marker.  Then they paint their sky with our liquid watercolors in a spooky mix of blue, green, and purple.  I love how these turned out, and the students had a lot of fun creating them, especially with the details.

Artwork by Amber

Artwork by Bryce

Artwork by Cyrus

Artwork by Tayla

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  1. Thanks Mr. O! These are great! I love Tayla's artwork!