Saturday, November 14, 2015

2nd Grade "Starry Night in the Pumpkin Patch" Mixed Media Works

Artwork by Lauren

I like this lesson very much because it's rich in methods and media, as well as art elements and principles.  It also presents the perfect opportunity to learn about Vincent Van Gogh!  

Students learn about creating a sense of space through overlapping, how movement can be conveyed with certain line types, and how 2D shapes can be turned into 3D forms simply by emphasizing those forms through specific lines.  They also are challenged to paint their pumpkins without using any pre-made orange -- i.e. they have to know how to make their own colors by mixing.  

We began our lesson by viewing and discussing The Starry Night and learning a little about the life of Vincent Van Gogh.  Students first drew three pumpkins (small, medium, and large) with pencil on white drawing paper, making sure to use curved lines to make the forms of their pumpkins appear more rounded (or more "3D"). After going over their pencil lines with black oil pastels, they painted their pumpkins with a watercolor orange they created themselves by mixing red and yellow as they painted. (Some even added shading on one side of their pumpkins with a darker value of orange or with red).  In a second session, after cutting out the pumpkins and composing them on black construction paper to show space through overlapping, the students went to work on their "Starry Night"- inspired skies with oil pastels in blue, white, yellow, and other colors.  They added swirling or spiraling lines, as well as short dashes around their stars and moons, to lend a sense of movement and energy.  

As usual, our second graders did a great job on these!

Artwork by Ava

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