Saturday, November 14, 2015

Kindergarten Four Season Trees

Artwork by Landon

Since Kindergartners spend some time learning about the four seasons in their first year of school, I use this lesson both to teach them about drawing trees and to reinforce their season lessons.  After a quick review of the number and names of the seasons, I teach them how to think of the letter "Y" when constructing a tree.  (I show them how a tree can be a big "Y" with lots of little "Y"s attached to to it,  Using a piece of 12 x 18 drawing paper that has been folded into fourths, the kinders take a crack at drawing four of these trees, one in each rectangle.  Then we have a great discussion about what one tree might look like as it goes through all of the seasons, and I color my trees accordingly on the Smartboard.  Starting in one corner, the students then color a spring, summer, fall, and winter tree using oil pastels, and finish off their works by painting the background of each "season" a different color of their choosing.   

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