Sunday, December 6, 2015

3rd Grade "Snowscoops"

Artwork by Sophia

I've been invited to decorate the OCS meeting room with student art in the month of January.  In order to have something "wintery" completed before we went on break, I moved this third grade project, which we did last year for the first time, to late November,  Even though it might not feel like winter yet outside, its already looking that way in the HES Art Room!  

As second graders, our third graders got some practice creating different values of the same color by tinting with white. In this project, they used both tinting and shading, this time to add shadows to their snowmen and cones to begin to give form to what would otherwise be just a two-dimensional stack of circles on a triangle. Credit for the very cute ice cream cone aspect of this lesson goes to art teacher Abby Schukei

Students first drew their cones and snowmen just as outlines with no details.  They then painted the snowmen white with acrylic paint (to get a good, solid white).  Then, using their blue, they added a curving shadow to one side of their scoops, and, ideally, blended it into their white.  On the cones, they started with brown acrylic then created a lighter value with some white and added it to the light side of the cone.  The following week, snowman details, and snowflakes to fill up the empty background, were added with Sharpies and oil pastels.

I really love the cartoon-character quality of these! 

Artwork by Colin

Artwork by Ian

Artwork by Lucia (a Mexico-themed Snowscoop!)

Artwork by Shannon (an Italy-themed Snowscoop!)

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