Tuesday, June 2, 2015

5th Grade Digital Photography and Editing

"Nick with a Warhol Twist"

It's no secret to our students that one of Mr. O's own artistic passions is photography (you can check out some of my efforts at www.ghostroadimages.com.)  Our fifth graders spent the last part of the year learning about what goes into good photography composition, as well as what exposure means and how a camera functions to make a proper one.  

Students spent a day learning some of these basics, including some photography vocabulary, so that we could speak in a common language while they created photos and edited them on their computers. On a second day, after familiarizing themselves with their cameras (from our Art Room set - thank you, PTA!!!), students applied their new knowledge of the art while creating photos around the HES campus.  

In our third class of the unit, I introduced them to some of the common but important edits that can be made to improve a photograph, and they practiced applying these using the online editor, Pixlr. Because Pixlr also offers many other creative tools beyond these basic functions, the students spent a fourth day experimenting with some of these on their own photos.  

It's clear their imaginations ran wild, but I was also impressed by how many of the students successfully applied some of the more basic composition and editing techniques I taught them.

"HES's 'Back Alley'"

"Bubble Day"


"Macro Clover Shot"

"Falcon Kick"

"Colorful Friends"

"Antiqued Taylor"

"Worm's Eye View with Color Edit"