Saturday, February 20, 2016

1st Grade Ceramic Owls

First graders learned about real (versus implied) texture in art by constructing these owls out of clay. Each student began with a slab of clay cut to about 3/8" thick.  They cut around a compact disc with a plastic clay knife to make a circle from their slab.  Texture was added to the lower two-thirds of the slab with an unfolded paper clip, giving the impression (in more ways than one) of feathers. The wings were made by folding the slab over on both sides and adding more texture with the paper clip.  Students then used the clay knife to cut a curve from the top of the slab, giving their owl "ears." They then used a discarded marker cap to impress circles for eyes and added pupils with a pencil. Finally, a beak was pressed and smoothed on.  After a firing, students painted their owls with tempura paints.  

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