Sunday, April 10, 2016

4th Grade Lighthouses

Artwork by Simrin

Part of the art curriculum requires fourth graders to take some of the inspiration for their art from our own state.  For this project, we chose to take that inspiration from North Carolina's iconic lighthouses.  (This tied in well with a concurrent unit in science where students were creating their own lighthouses with working lights.)  

We had a great discussion about the importance of the lighthouses, how they've changed since they were built, and about some of the iconic black and white patterns that make some of them so recognizable.  Then students took this latter aspect and added their own twist.  I asked them to come up with a unique black and white pattern for their lighthouse.  They also had to give their paintings a feeling of space by using overlapping and paying attention to the relative size of objects in their paintings. Students are now finishing up this lesson by using a detailed critiquing format I've introduced to write a formal critique of their own work.

Artwork by Faith

Artwork by Kaden

Artwork by Rylan

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