Saturday, April 16, 2016

Kindergarten Line Monsters

Using a sheet of 12x18 drawing paper, kindergartners got to practice painting various line types and then staying between those lines with their paintbrushes as they added colors to their work. Throughout this painting process, I told them their sheets would be turned into something fun, but kept that a secret until the last session when I had them add eyes (as few or as many as they wanted), horns, arms, and legs with construction paper to create these "monsters."  This is a simple lesson that reinforces some basic elements of art, combines two media (painting and collage), and provides some great fine motor skills practice with brushes and scissors.  The kinders also learn how to make two identical shapes by folding their paper before drawing and cutting.  Plus they get to make a monster! 



  1. These monster ideas are great! Thanks for sharing this idea. My son goes to a Phoenix kindergarten and he does such activities in his classroom. They make loads of crafts too. Truly, services of his kindergarten is great!

  2. I love this. I have been looking for a simple project like this one with little details as possible, to engage my 7 year old in working on Line Art... She feels "unable" to complete different projects like Zentangle for Kids because if her lines don't turn out perfectly, she gets upset with herself. Simple lines like these without a need to produce a 'specific outcome' I believe would suit her needs. The element of surprise with the eyes & construction paper PCs at the end, will add to her interest in completing the project; which we also struggle w/due to ADD issues. Thank you. Please keep sharing your works! They are SOO helpful to Moms & Children & Teachers alike😊