Sunday, January 28, 2018

3rd Grade Digital Mondrians

Beyond the digital art clubs I offer to the students who choose them for their enrichment time on Wednesdays, I'm introducing all third graders this year to at least one digital art lesson.  This one, borrowed from Pathways Elementary Art Teacher extraordinaire, Dave O'Neal, introduces 3rd graders to the abstract work of Piet Mondrian.  Mondrian's work, using the most basic straight lines, squares and rectangles, and simple, primary colors lends itself well to students using digital drawing and design tools for the first time.  Many of the tools and tricks they are exposed to on a project like this (in this case with Google Drawings) are similar to those found on the more complex digital art programs they're likely to encounter in 4th and 5th grade here, as well as in middle and high school.

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