Tuesday, March 20, 2018

1st Grade "Prehistoric Art"

Students love the story of the three boys and their dog "Robot" who discovered some of the oldest art in history deep inside Lascaux Cave in France.  It's a great introduction to a discussion about how art began and why early humans started making art.  I also show them examples of the rock art we find closer to home in the Southwestern U.S. and how the ancient peoples there used simple rectangular and trapezoidal shapes to create humans, animals,, or combinations of the two.  It's an easy art style for 1st graders to mimic as they create their own "cave art" with oil pastels on paper in tans and browns, finished off with a hand print using white tempura.  While working on these, we have the lights down and a video of a crackling campfire playing on the Smartboard to set the mood in the "Art Cave."  I really liked how these works turned out -- certainly as good as most cavemen or cavewomen could do!

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