Enrichment Ideas

Drawing and Painting Tools

Nick Jr. Free Draw
Easy-to-learn digital drawing canvas for all elementary ages.

Simple digital drawing and coloring - great for younger elementary students.

Color with Leo
Drawing, painting, portraits, and color mixing.  Especially good site for younger elementary kids.  I like how this site emphasizes using basic shapes to create drawings.

We use this one in our 4th grade digital drawing unit. It includes some good basic drawing tools, as well as some more powerful functions for those with more experience.

We've been using this cool online drawing tool in 4th and 5th grade. It's kid-friendly for the older grades, but has the benefit of using commands/icons similar to some more advanced, industry standard digital drawing and editing tools. (Scroll to bottom of the page and click "use for free.")

Allows the user to "paint" over photographs in the brushstroke styles of great artists from Munch to Monet.

For a tool that looks so simple, this one offers lots of creative choices.

This one will hypnotize you.

Flame Painter
A tool that lets you create original paintings with "flame" brushes.  I could play with it all day!

Really cool tool for creating limitless radial designs

Make a Flip Book
Just like the name says -- I would have been on this all day as a kid.

Scribbler, Too
Takes your basic scribbles and gives them a cool, sketchy quality.  (Okay, you try to describe it.)

A 1913 "How-to-draw" book online, with step by step illustrations on how to draw dozens of kid-friendly subjects. We have a lot of these types of books in the classroom and the older kids love to use them during free drawing time.

Other Media

Paper Critters
A tool for creating blocky, 3D "critters" with any personality the creator chooses.  Fans of Minecraft will probably enjoy this one!

This is Sand
One of those "What will they think of next" apps, but a neat medium to play with.

From the Museum of Modern Art, interactive, step-by-step processes for making several different types of prints.

Photo Editing
This is a powerful yet easy to learn online photo editor. Kids can choose different levels of complexity, from "playful" to "advanced."

Famous Artists and Their Styles
Play with the colors on one of Warhol's iconic prints of Marilyn Monroe.
Paint in lines, drips, and splatters.  Painting begins with the first click or movement of your mouse.
Easy-to-use drawing pad for creating colorful works in the artist's modern style.
An interactive look at Matisse and his paintings

Create a face, Picasso-style! Easy and fun for kids.
Paint with dots, just like the famous pointillist, Georges Seurat.

National Gallery of Art Scoop
Excellent guides to famous artists, written for kids.

Mondrian's Boogie Blocks
Deconstruct and reconstruct a cube to construct (sort of) Mondrian-like creations.

A little hard to figure out at first, but once mastered, artists can create very "Mondrianesque" artworks using his palette of primary colors and basic geometric shapes.

Creating with Patterns

Spin Art
A digital version of those messy, old electric spin art toys.

Interactivate: Tessallate!
Simple tessallation tool. (Tessallation are arrangements of shapes in regular patterns.)

Kaleidoscope Builder
Make a digital kaleidoscope from a palette of colored lines and geometric shapes.

Build Your Own Kaleidoscope
This kaleidoscope builder offers more creative freedom than the one above -- lets you draw your own lines, shapes, and patterns with a free-flowing pen.

Make a Flake!
Make your own unique 6-pointed snowflakes -- the same method we use in class, just digital! Allows you to save your patterns, too, so you can recreate the design with paper.

3D Snowflake Maker

Mandala Maker
Mandalas are geometric figures representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.

All About Art (with some games, too)
Okay, so it's not "technically" an art site, but it's still a lot of fun for kids -- turn yourself into a wild animal. 
Combine different animal parts - while learning interesting animal facts - to create your own bizarre animal. 
Artist's Toolkit is a great site for elementary kids to learn about the elements of art and principals of design by seeing artworks come to life and then creating their own with simple digital palettes.
An interactive visit to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, friendly even for younger elementary students.
If you're ever in the nation's capital with an older student with art interests, the National Gallery of Art is an inspiring place. Many of the most famous artists we study in the art room are exhibited in the NGA. Online, their childrens' website has project ideas, interactive creative tools, and lots of kid-friendly art history info.

Tate Kids
Loads of kid art games here from the Tate Museum in England.