Sunday, August 5, 2018

1st Grade Rainbow Birds

First graders have been reviewing their primary and secondary colors, as well which of the former mix to make the latter, by tracing and painting six circles.  In another class session, we turned these "rainbow circles" into rainbow birds on a wire.  I loved seeing all the creative details the students added to their birds and their surroundings! 

Somehow this student's birds ended up Amish...

I love this flying bird and the student's idea of repeating the
wings to imply movement. 

There was even a Harry Potter bird on this wire :)

2nd Grade Name Art

Using their names as the subject, second graders have been learning a simple way top make block letters, while at the same time practicing making complex 2-D shapes. 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

We "Heart" HES! -- Our "Quilts" to Start the Year

Our first week's classes for everyone but our kindergartners began with an introduction to the new HES Art Room and some of the new rules we'll be using to make it a great place to learn.  But students still had time to make their own piece for these "quilts" now hanging in the cafe.  Given a 3"x 3" piece of cardstock, their task was to create their own colorful heart (or hearts) to go along with the theme of "We ❤ HES."  As usual, they responded in creative fashion, and the finished works, including a total of 363 hearts looks fantastic!

"Quilt" details

Look closely - a few students chose to profess their love for something other than their school.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Welcome to HES Art 2018-2019!

As always, I'm excited to welcome all our Dolphin artists, new and old, for a fresh year of creativity and learning.  This year, though, I'm especially excited to begin the school year in a new HES Art Room!  That's right, Art at HES has moved to a bigger, brighter, and better space!  You'll find it in the old after school room -- just take a left instead of a right when you come in the gym!

If you'd like to donate supplies to help get our year off to a great start, please check the "Wish List" link above.  Any donations are very much appreciated!

Welcome back, Dolphins!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

2nd Grade Rose Windows

The rose windows of the great European cathedrals are a fantastic example of artworks in which both the positive and negative spaces of the work play equally important visual roles.  We spend some time learning about this particular aspect of the art element of space (and the cathedrals themselves with the aid of Google Earth) before creating our own rose windows.

Rose Window, Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, France

Using a paper plate and a white colored pencil, students first trace a circle onto a piece of black bulletin board paper.  (I use the bulletin board paper because it's thin enough, even after folding into several layers, for the students to cut).  After cutting out their black circles, students fold the paper in half, then twice more until they have a small "pizza slice" shaped piece.  This is great folding practice, especially since it's important that edges are well aligned.  Then students carefully cut out pieces from the edges of their folded paper, before opening it to reveal the design of their window "frame." We also refer to this as the "positive" space of their artwork.  

In the next session, the students glue a piece of wax paper to the back of their window frame and then glue various pieces of colored tissue paper "glass" to the wax paper to add color to all the spaces in the frame. These are the "negative" spaces of the artwork.  After the excess wax paper is cut away, the results are beautiful!

4th Grade Glue-Resist Pastel Flowers

I did this lesson as a good excuse to give the 4th graders some more experience with the unique "blendability" of soft pastels.  Since that was the main goal of the project, and because this time we also used white glue to outline our drawings, I encouraged the students to keep their flower shapes big and simple.  The results are some really beautiful pastel works, a dozen of which are now temporarily gracing the Orange County Schools boardroom downtown.

Kindergarten Pattern Snakes

Building on our earlier pattern lesson using winter mittens, the kinders explore the topic of pattern a little further, this time by studying and discussing the patterns found in nature - specifically, snakes for this lesson.  Then, using a blank coiled snake worksheet printed on cardstock, the students add their own pattern using lines, shapes, and colors.