Saturday, August 15, 2015

4th Grade Matisse-inspired Collages

Rise of the Jungle by Talan

Fourth graders have been learning about complimentary colors and an artist who put them to use with great success, Henri Matisse. Late in his life, when arthritis made it impossible for him to hold a paintbrush, Matisse focused instead on creating large collages by "drawing with scissors" using painted paper.  Students were challenged not only to use complimentary colors in these cutouts, but also to keep their people, animals, objects and entire scenes abstract (not realistic) while also achieving a sense of balance in their overall compositions.  While some of these works might appear to be just a collection of random shapes, I actually think these are some of the more challenging pieces our 4th graders attempt to create.

Henri Matisse, Sorrow of the King, 1952

Spaceship by Peytin

Wizard Battle by Liam

Danger Sea by Kaden

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