Saturday, March 1, 2014

2nd Grade Spring Flower Still Lifes

Artwork by Grace A.
I use this lesson as an introduction to still lifes, but also as a follow-up to our recent lessons about values, tints, and shades, and a way to reinforce the difference between shape and form.  We study some still life paintings from the Dutch Renaissance and discuss what the objects in the paintings might be saying about the person for whom the painting was created.  Then we look at some remarkable contemporary still lifes in order for the students to see how these types of paintings are largely a challenge in creating realistic forms through light and shadow.  The rest of our first day is spent creating our vase shape from folded construction paper and then shading it with different values using a colored pencil to turn it into a 3d form.  On the second day, the students draw branches to fill in the space on their paper and stamp on flowers with the ends of small pieces of sponge and tempura paint. 

Artwork by Nate W.

Artwork by Maggie S.

Artwork by Payton B.

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