Sunday, May 18, 2014

2nd Grade Picasso Portraits

Artwork by Maggie S.

As a follow up to their last lesson creating a version of Picasso's Flowers of Peace for Mother's Day, the second graders took a closer look at the artist's Cubist style and used an easy game to guide the construction of these Picasso-inspired portraits.  Students role dice to see which head shape, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears they will choose from a game sheet for their portrait.  I encourage them to vary the location and size of their facial features, ala Picasso.  Then they add some abstract color with tempura block paints.  Given how quickly these portraits are created -- in less than half an hour -- I think the students do a fantastic job of capturing a little bit of Picasso's Cubist portrait style. 

Artwork by Maya C.

Artwork by Samiya B.

Artwork by Talan P.

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