Sunday, June 8, 2014

"Thinking of Summer" Self-Portraits

Artwork by Amber K.

This was a neat lesson for finishing off the school year and for teaching our first and second graders some of the basics of portraiture ("egg"-shaped heads, for example).  In fact, after several of the classes had completed the portrait part of this lesson, I showed them the self-portraits they'd done as kindergartners. Not only did the students get a big kick out of their earlier portraits; they also noticed how far they've already come as portrait artists.  

The students drew self-portraits on one sheet of 9x12 drawing paper.  Then they drew their "summer fun" thoughts on another.  These consisted of places they'd go, people they'd be with, things they'd do, foods they'd eat, etc.   The portraits (with "open minds" of course) were then glued to a 12x18 sheet of construction paper along with the summer fun drawings.  Color was added if the student had time.

Artwork by Annabeth L.

Artwork by Sadie P.

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